SC Tech Tools:- Electrical Appliances Industry

Hi all!! I am back with the third post of my #SC_Tech compendium. Glad you could join me here... Well, for those who have been following my blog posts, we began this journey of #SupplyChain_Tech tools #compendium back in August where we first explored how a university health center radically transformed itself into a seamless, fully visible & efficient …

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SC Tech Tools:- Retail Industry

Hi again readers & welcome back to my #SC_Tech #compendium. We are continuing with the #SupplyChain_Tech tools #compendium that we began in August with my first post about the transformation that Indiana University Health underwent to become a #worldclass #SupplyChain #Organization it is right now. In that post, I covered the #Healthcare #Industry. Now, in this second post, I will be covering the …

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SC Tech Tools:- Healthcare Industry

Hi, viewers! I am back again with another series of blog posts! The posts that follow would be a sort of a compendium of various #SupplyChain_Tech tools that are currently being used in various industries & the technologies that have impacted their overall daily operations. My approach in this series would be to take specific …

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Supply Chain Integration: Blockchain

Well, hello all! I am back again with a new topic on #SC_Integration. I hope you all have been following my blog posts & are acquiring valuable information with them. I would be curious to know, though, whether any of you have begun thinking about adding value to your clients & organizations by implementing these …

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Supply Chain Integration: Internet of Things (IoT)

Opening Statements Well, here I am again! Ready to share my next post with all of you relating to #SC_Integration. We have covered the following #SC_Integration areas already in my previous posts. These are:- SC_Integration with MFS SC_Integration with Big Data Solutions So, what are we going to cover next in terms of #SC_Integration? Well, Supply Chains …

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Supply Chain Integration: Big Data

Hello, again! So, we have completed the learning journey for #SC_Integration with #MFS. The same was covered in my previous blog post. Now, we are ready to move on to my next post on #SC_Integration.

Supply Chain Integration: MFS

Hi, viewers!! Thanks for joining me here...

I have got to say, it's terrific interacting with you all after such a long hiatus from blog writing. Well, moving forward, I will be publishing a series of blog posts related to various #Supply #Chain #Integration (#SC_Integration) technologies that are currently in use in various organizations around the world and would also try to share some actual case studies related to the various #integration #technologies, if at all possible, to help illustrate and expand on the implementations of these technologies.

The following are what I would be trying to cover in my #SC_Integration blog posts. Please ensure that you read each & everyone of them to get the best benefit of the #information I have presented to you. Please provide your honest & constructive feedback on the improvements.

SC_Integration: MFS (Current Post)
SC_Integration: Big Data
SC_Integration: Internet Of Things (IOT)
SC_Integration: Blockchain

Presenting... The first of various blog posts - Covering Material Flow Systems (#MFS). Read on...