SC Transformation: -Digitalization and Risk Mitigation

Well, hello blog viewers and readers! I am back with you with the intention of imparting more interesting information and facts about #SupplyChain. This time around I am going to be talking to you about #SupplyChainTransformation. This topic does sound familiar, doesn't it? Well, this particular hashtag, #SupplyChainTransformation has been trending all over the internet considering… Continue reading SC Transformation: -Digitalization and Risk Mitigation

Supply Chain Analytics-II:- Powered by SAP S/4 HANA

Big Data Technology for Business. Finance Analytic, massive information of business sale report. Overview Let me begin this post by mentioning what #SAP #S/4HANA brings to the table in terms of new functionalities as well as the #Digital #Core foundation. Now, I am sure most of you have some sort of an idea on #ERP & / or #SAP… Continue reading Supply Chain Analytics-II:- Powered by SAP S/4 HANA

Supply Chain Analytics-I: Powered by AI

Hi, folks!! Well, we are in the year 2020 now! A new decade is in progress. At the outset, I’d like to thank all of you readers & viewers for joining me once again on my blog posts. I know it has been a pretty long time since I have been active on my blog.… Continue reading Supply Chain Analytics-I: Powered by AI

SC Tech Tools:- Electrical Appliances Industry

Hi all!! I am back with the third post of my #SC_Tech compendium. Glad you could join me here... Well, for those who have been following my blog posts, we began this journey of #SupplyChain_Tech tools #compendium back in August where we first explored how a university health center radically transformed itself into a seamless, fully visible & efficient… Continue reading SC Tech Tools:- Electrical Appliances Industry

SC Tech Tools:- Retail Industry

Hi again readers & welcome back to my #SC_Tech #compendium. We are continuing with the #SupplyChain_Tech tools #compendium that we began in August with my first post about the transformation that Indiana University Health underwent to become a #worldclass #SupplyChain #Organization it is right now. In that post, I covered the #Healthcare #Industry. Now, in this second post, I will be covering the… Continue reading SC Tech Tools:- Retail Industry